ValleyDel Publications has also previously published playbills for other local theaters including The Playhouse on Rodney Square and The Grand. Take a look at some of our past programs.

The Playhouse on Rodney Square


Formerly the DuPont Theatre, The Playhouse on Rodney Square is Wilmington, DE’s home for Broadway favorites. Located in the luxurious Hotel du Pont, the brightest stars of stage and screen have lit the Wilmington skyline and graced the lovely Victorian stage since 1913. The theater presents a professional Broadway series for avid theater lovers.

Take a look at some past programs:




The Grand


The Grand entertains and engages its communities through exceptional, diverse live performances and educational outreach. Committed to broad accessibility and sound financial management, The Grand enhances regional quality of life and contributes to a thriving downtown Wilmington, DE. As steward of a historic Delaware theater that is home to several valued arts groups, The Grand affirms the arts’ vital role within our communities to promote greater understanding and lift the human spirit. Each season reaches a broad audience as diverse as the city itself!

Take a look at some past programs: